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Delivering innovative solutions to build a reliable and safe power grid. We provide engineering, analysis, consulting, and design services.

With 38+ yrs combined power delivery experience, high quality engineering, responsive solutions, and competitive pricing, Lazen is the go to choice to start improving your systems reliability today.

We are certified as a Minority Business Enterprise by the Supplier Clearinghouse for the Utility Supplier Diversity Program of the California Public Utilities Commission.  

With more than 5 years as an independent engineering firm, our team is equipped to handle various client needs and unique requests.


Utilizing top-of-the-line innovative technologies, we can simplify your work and provide high-quality images of your equipment and land; making your work safer, easier, and faster.

As an innovative leader in the power delivery industry, we believe sharing our knowledge is key to improving the grid; because of this belief, we offer educational opportunities to utilities at no cost.

LAZEN Solar is a team of dedicated engineers and designers that focus on Solar PV Engineering. We pride ourselves in our highly trained in house engineering team who  works on each project with consideration and expertise.


Improve your reliability today

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