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Why drones are a 'no-brainer' for top contractor McCarthy

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

A manager from one of the top U.S. construction firms said this week that while implementation has its challenges, drones are easier to make use of than it might seem.

If you’re a contractor that hasn’t already witnessed drones buzzing overhead at your jobsites, chances are that you will in due time. The facts are clear and ubiquitous: Adoption of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is growing faster in construction than in any other industry, and soon enough, drones will fly above almost every construction site possible to monitor project status and help keep workers safe.

That was the predominant message underlying Tuesday’s webinar from Engineering-News Record, titled Leveraging Drones on the Job Site: Why UAVs are Transforming the Construction Industry, during which drone software and hardware providers espoused the values of using their products.

But one of the panelists, a manager for McCarthy Building Cos., offered a perspective that might be considered more refreshing to a construction company still on the fence about implementing UAVs in its projects: Drones are a lot easier to employ than you might think.

Read the full article here on Construction Dive.

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