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Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Outage Management Systems at Florida Power & Light

Over 50,000 times a year, Florida Power & Light’s field crew is deployed to respond to customer-reported outages. Beginning in 2016, FPL began building systems that analyze smart grid data for active power outage tickets in order to maximize the efficiency of responses using artificial intelligence. After deploying the technology, FPL continues to experience great customer satisfaction during outage reporting, and has reduced costs in outage response.

Please click here and press "Login" to view the webinar FPL hosted on Thursday, August 16th at 1:00pm EDT.

Attendees that participate in the webinar will learn:

  • How a successful AI-based and automation project with near-real-time data processing and analytics was implemented

  • How different systems interact to share important data points and analysis

  • How to integrate insights from AI into work processes in field work and customer service by leveraging cross-functional knowledge and Agile methodology

Lazen Power Engineering's greatest ability lies in delivering reliable and innovative infrastructure solutions to our clients’ challenges and needs. Our services we provide are transmission line engineering, distribution line engineering, distribution fire hardening, PLS-CADD™ hardening and reliability, construction management, and drone inspections. Our collaborative team includes engineers and business professionals who all share our vision of providing innovative solutions to our clients. Lazen Power Engineering is headquartered in Orlando, FL.

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