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14 Ways Drone Solutions Will Change the Way We Live

Updated: May 8, 2019

Drone technology is on its way to change our world, from UAVs engaging in search and rescue missions to delivering a transplant organ miles away. Here, we looked into the details of the drone industries that may become your new normal.

Emergency Response

Drones allow you to always be prepared for the unexpected natural disasters we may face.


Power inspections can be made more safe, accurate, and reliable once drones are brought into the picture.


Sensors such as NVDI allows farms to gain in-depth scientific knowledge to add to their own understanding of their crops and animals.


Drones allow you get full inspections of the roof without risking a worker's safety.

Surveying & Mapping

Overhead measurements may be the key to a faster growing surveying business.

Hotels and Resorts

Property management without disrupting guests - general managers can now keep their investment in tip-top shape from roofs to agriculture.


Measuring methane and other surface emissions can help landfill owners keep up with federally regulated procedures.


Underwriting is easier when drones use their precise sensors to identify potential issues that may become worse in the future.

Solar Panels

Thermal cameras can capture if a panel is overheating and traverse several lengths in minutes.


Heat tracking and overhead surveying makes drones a necessary ingredient for municipal and state parks, as well as wildlife conservation.


Drones become invaluable on construction sites, where their numerous surveillance qualities make them essential.


From transporting equipment to organs, drones' height and speed combined make them a valuable asset to the medical industry.


Get stunning, swooping views of your newest project, boat show, or wedding with a drone.


Drones may be the answer to the issues American infrastructure is currently facing.

So where will you see drones today?

Lazen Power Engineering's greatest ability lies in delivering reliable and innovative infrastructure solutions to our clients’ challenges and needs. Our services include transmission line engineering, distribution line engineering, distribution fire hardening, PLS-CADD™ hardening and reliability, construction management, and drone inspections. Our collaborative team includes engineers and business professionals who all share our vision of providing innovative solutions to our clients. Lazen Power Engineering is headquartered in Orlando, FL.

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