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We're in need of highly-trained Transmission Line Engineers to join our team of experienced professionals who are committed to helping clients build and manage power delivery projects. 

We're in need of highly-trained engineers to help Spidey ensure the safety of our cities' power grids. With big power comes big responsibility.


from the office

"The best part about working at Lazen Power Engineering is having the opportunitiy to be a part of this growing firm and contributing to its success every day. The growth of the company allows our engineers to get plenty of exposure to challenging assignments which ultimately contributes to their personal growth as well." 

Lorenz Rodriguez.jpg

Lorenz Rodriguez, Project Lead Engineer

"The best part about working at Lazen is the people; my coworkers are awesome. I admire their individuality, work ethic, and passion for their work. Each one of them pulls their weight and as a team we get stuff done. " 

elsie demo pic.JPG

Elsie Moran, Overhead Design Engineer

"We are the definition of a TEAM. During our busiest times, if the opportunity present itself, the project lead has consistently distributed work throughout the department so that we are not overloaded with work individually."

Frantz Bellus.jpg

Frantz Bellus, Overhead Design Engineer

"Lazen separates itself from other companies by harnessing a collaborative work structure rather than hierarchical. Everyone's opinion matters, not only for project orientated topics but for the company's direction as a whole. This type of culture brings enthusiasm to the workplace by making every employee's job integral to the growth of the company."

william demo pic.JPG

William Drury, Project Lead Engineer

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